Thursday, January 24, 2008

Latina Danza de Arte

The Latin Dance Arts was firmly established before major European influence deminished its sexy alure well before the 1880s. With style variation of Guanarcha / Guanguanarcha [ guanguanacha - they had seven spellings for this dance ] and others it attracted wide attention of visitors to the Islands of South and Central America - via sailors rumors.

Then as these countries started to develop a native middle class, those who had ethnic ties to these nations instead of supporting their native cultures looked to the European Expat populations - who stuill exiist today, and they started to mimic their social and cultural standards of Victorian Europe. All the while Europe start to entice these exotic dancers and dances to their cities; they both made a lot of money as a result.

As a result the wildness of Latina Danza de Arte started to be tamed around 1910 with the appearance of the Danzon and Son. This still is in ongoing process which today the New York City version is now called Salsa [ ones ] in stesad of the much wilder Mambo [ twos ].

Nonetheless in places like Chile and other Latin American Nations, they have started to turn back the pages of history and are exploring as the photo above suggests.
They are not necessarily interested in the roles, now presently, which were performend during pre - 1880s. However, as the years of additional research contuinues, and field cultural explorations in both African and Espana continues, they will eventually start to take up and perform once again the fertility, sexuality, and mating Latina Danza de Arte dances of this glorious past.
It has alraady started in Brazil, and Cuba is now knocking at this cultural door, topless, traditional proper presentations themselves.
Mr. Roger M. Christian


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